I have restored Clockwork Pandas to a level I’m comfortable with. That means I’ve cleaned out a ton of comics. This website was too cluttered. I love some of that old stuff, but I don’t produce work like that any more and I want to move away from webcomics. So all that remains is Mystery of the Murderman, being the first long running comic I completed, it deserves a spot, even if it’s super ropey. The Dark Souls Adventures, because it’s an obvious pick. It still gets regular readers. The daily diary comics I produced while in Canada are also a popular choice, and personally, I think it’s my best work. As for Worldender, I have only restored Theme of Laura. The rest are available in print or on my Patreon, where I still update regularly.

So that’s it. There’s still an obscene amount of comics to read. I’ll fix up the site a little more I think, as I’ll be building a portfolio over the next week but enjoy reading for now! Theme of Laura Act 3 later in the year!