Well here it is everybody! The unveiling of my next long running Clockwork story, PARADOX. I’ve had this developing for at least 2 and a half years now. Originally I was going to do it as a series of 5 animated shorts, but then I realised, if I wanted to keep this webcomic running, I needed to have something going after the Murderman, so I’m using this. It was already set in the same world, with some familiar characters popping up now and again, so there was really no problem. It also became incredibly drowned in ideas and may be really long… but damn. Got some strong ideas in here. It should also be a lot funnier than the Murderman, since I’m not gonna have the main character descend into bitter madness this time.

It will however only be 3 chapters long, all titles references to Gorillaz songs from the Demon Days album.

It’s also about time travel. Whey!

Finally, the image is an homage to a cover from the Incal, by Moebius. I’m undecided whether all 3 will be, but I’ll cross that road when I get there.